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Day 1700: Somotillo – San Lorenzo, Honduras!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jun - 17 - 2015

Distance: 86.5 km
Ride time: 4:35:36
Average: 18.8 km/h
Max speed: 42.5 km/h
Total: 36032 km

I had packed my bicycle and was ready to leave my small hotel in the morning as I spotted two other cyclists also about to leave the same hotel. Somehow we had missed each other last night, but this was Jess and Nick from on their own ride around the world!

The British couple were heading south, so obviously I asked what they thought about the situation in Honduras. Their answer was the most positive I have heard in a long time, and after our chat I was cycling towards the border with renewed appetite to experience what this country would be like.

The border crossing was rather chaotic and the queues a bit longer and slower than what I have experienced lately, but I managed to get my passport stamped (3$ entry fee) and my money changed, all while keeping an eye out for the bicycle.

In the end it all went well and I was cycling through the green country side of rural Honduras.

A few things had changed. People in Nicaragua are rather shy, but here every kid would smile and scream Hola Gringo as I cycled past. A few times the smile was followed by “Darme un dollar”, give me a dollar.

I didn’t feel like taking out my big Canon camera to take photos today. The phone would have to do…

I had a long chat with a nice lady at a gas station who told me a little about life in Honduras. This is the safe corner of the country, and in fact life seemed good here.

I continued to the sea town of San Lorenzo where I found a Chinese run hotel for the night. I went to have a bite to eat at a restaurant at the central square. Apparently they like Karaoke here!

Everybody seemed happy and eager to hear where I was coming from. As I walked the short distance back to my hotel I felt the vibes of a friendly place – much different from the war zone I had in some ways imagined.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. It’s nice to hear that Honduras isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. At least, not all of it. Looking forward to see you pass the next 1000km!

    Also, thanks for mentioning Jess and Nick. Now I have another blog to read!

  2. Stephen, you will be busy with all these cycling blogs 🙂