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Day 1754, Charleston: Johnny B. Goode

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Aug - 21 - 2015

After a nice breakfast with Devon and Joe we all took our bikes for a spin around Charleston – what better way to see a city than with local friends on a bike?

Charleston is truly beautiful… loved the colorful houses down by the old harbour. The harbour was also the place where the first shot was fired in the civil war. Lot of history around here!

After our bike ride I said goodbye to Devon and Joe and went for yet another little ride out to Folly Beach – a popular surf spot for the Charleston people. Out there I met Tom and Lauren, yet another Warmshowers couple who had invited me to stay for the night. Tom is a surfer but the wind was too strong today, so instead we went in for a dip and a walk up and down the beach.

On the way back to Tom and Lauren’s house we stopped at a local fish market. Apart from being a cyclist and surfer, Tom is also a great cook and quickly decided that we were going to have shark and crabs for dinner!

Boy was it tasty once we got these babies on the BBQ!

The house was full of positive energy and you will have to look far to find nicer people. Later in the evening (after a few glasses of Tom’s homemade wine) we even got the music instruments out. Our rendition of Johnny B. Goode was not too bad, and we thought we might be able to earn a few dollars for our cycle adventures if we went into street performing 🙂

I would put up a video if this McDonald’s wifi was not so slow… Check back.

What a great place and what nice people you will find in Charleston, SC!

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Marie says:

    What a lovely place (and food and people)!

  2. Ah, Charleston. These photos bring back wonderful memories of that city. An absolutely wonderful place!