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Day 1756, Pawleys Island – Whiteville: Goodbye Atlantic

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Sep - 01 - 2015

Distance: 136.8 km
Ride time: 6:31:07
Average: 21.0 km/h
Max speed: 37.1 km/h
Total: 39468 km

The first stop today was Myrtle Beach – a place that has a reputation of being quite the party place. I almost got into holiday mode myself as I cycled past the hundred of hotels lining up along the beach.

I did jump into the Atlantic for a quick swim before I continued towards North Carolina – there we go, state number 4 in the bag!

I have enjoyed riding right next to the Atlantic Ocean for weeks, but now I’m choosing a route that will take me more inland towards the cities of Raleigh, Richmond and eventually Washington D.C! Things got slightly more hilly as I cycled past the fields and small forests of North Carolina.

I thought I would be camping tonight, but my friend Will called and said he had just talked to one of his friends, Neill K4ESE, who turned out to live in a beautiful house right on Lake Maccawaw. Over a delicious sea food dinner Niell told that the wild life in this area of North Carolina includes no less than bears, alligators, and snakes. Hmm, maybe a good thing that I didn’t have to camp.

Another night spent with friends of friends – Southern hospitality is just unbelievable.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. I never got to Myrtle Beach. I’ve always heard that it’s rather touristy. But the beach looks fantastic!

    As for the bears, alligators, and snakes, I guess they may pose a problem!

  2. In fact I always like to hear the wild life walking around my tent when I’m camping… My theory is that if I leave them to themselves they will do the same to me 🙂