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Day 1787: Long Island, Maine – Lobster Party!

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Oct - 28 - 2015

When Doug said “I’m afraid we can’t do do anything but relaxing today since we are on an island” that sounded like the best plan I had heard in a long time 🙂 The thing is that I have been doing a lot of cycling and meeting new people every night for two months straight. Even on my so called rest days I have been busy visiting new places and meeting even more people. A low stress day on a beautiful Maine Island in company with Doug and his wife Karen was very much what I needed.

Now, “doing nothing” the whole day was not really true as there is after all a couple of miles of road on Long Island, so we drove around to have a look. What a beautiful and unique place out here!

The tide is pretty crazy around here.

This is the same place 5 hours later

Being on an island off the coast of Maine, there is only one proper dinner here, and that is lobster! Wow, a little different from the peanut butter sandwiches I sometimes eat for dinner.

Thanks Doug and Karen for such a great visit to your island. Tomorrow it’s back to the mainland. After all Maine is big, and I’m trying to get to Canada before it gets too cold.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. I think I could live on that island! Wow. What a great way to really relax! I love the fish on top of the letterbox. 🙂

    As for the lobster, sign me up!

  2. Doug and Karen took such great care of me and my family there a few years ago… my kids still talk about it. So great to see the pictures and relive some of my own memories there on Long Island. P.S. it was the first time my kids had tried lobster!

  3. Hi Scott!

    Yes, what a great stay with Doug and Karen on the island. First class hospitality and first class lobster out there! I’m now back in Copenhagen where I’m planning the next part of my ride in Africa. Greetings to everyone in W9 land!