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Day 1941, Rosh Pinah – Aus: Feeling Small, Thinking Big

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 03 - 2016

Distance: 116.9 km
Ride time: 7:50:07
Average: 14.9 km/h
Max speed: 34.2 km/h
Total: 44716 km

Knowing that I would be doing a lot of climbing in the beginning of the day, I was on the bike with the first rays of light. In fact there was even a bit of fog hanging over Rosh Pinah in the morning, resulting in a very pleasent ride. Soon enough the sun was out in full force again, however…

I was steadily spending the next hours climbing from 400 to 1200 meters of altitude. The climb was not too steep and the wind was in my favour, so it was infact as easy a climb as they get. Furthermore the tarmac was in absolut steller condition – what a difference from the dirt road I had been riding the other day.

There is 160 km from Rosh Pinah to Aus with absolutely nothing in between. The distances and remoteness is starting to resemble the Australian outback or the Andes region of South America.

I took 8 liters of water…

As the sun got really strong I opted for a couple of hours of siesta. To my surprise the Namibians had built small rest areas every 10 or 20 km complete with tables and shade for the sun – perfect for a cyclist! I enjoyed reading a good book while the wind kept me reletively cool in the shade.

Later in the afternoon some clouds rolled in, and it was possible to continue. I rode straight until sunset where finding a place to pitch the tent was not hard – there is really nothing to disturb you out here.

As darkness came the stars appeared in numbers that once again reminded me of the Australian outback or the pampas of Argentina. It felt good to be out here where you feel small but where you think big.

The African adventure is indeed underway!

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6 Responses so far.

  1. Reminds you of the Australian outback… Maybe that’s why the town was called Aus. 🙂

  2. Travel Nerd says:


    I cycled through Namibia last year. Had a brilliant time!

    Did you give the Fish River canyon a miss?

    Any ideas on how to move on and where to go to? Need any inspiration?

    Enjoy Namibia. Excellent place for cycling!

    Travel Nerd

  3. Marie says:

    Definitely moving Namibia towards the the top of my list of potential next travel destinations!

  4. Hey there! Yes, absolutely fantastic cycle destination! I missed Fish River but rode along the Orange River instead. Here from Windhoek I’m planning to take the small roads west of the Etocha park towards the border with Angola. I believe that is another nice ride? Best wishes from down here!

  5. Travel Nerd says:

    Yeap. It is a nice route.

    Not miss out on:

    Deadvlei (

    Cape Cross (

    Spitzkoppe (

    From there you can pass Brandberd, Twyfelfontein, Etoscha (an absolute must. Easy to hitch in/out. You can pitch your tent in the compound).

    All bikers I met (Europe->Cape Town) came via Zambia (I cycled all the way to Victoria falls) and therefore bypass DR Congo. Will you go via East- (incl. Nigeria) or West coast?

    Yours jealous


  6. Thanks for the nice ideas Carl! I’m heading up towards West Africa (incl. Nigeria) and eventually Morocco. From there crossing over to Spain and then back to Denmark.