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Day 1943, Tirasberg – Helmeringhausen: Namibian Outback

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 05 - 2016

Distance: 47.9 km
Ride time: 3:51:21
Average: 12.4 km/h
Max speed: 25.9 km/h
Total: 44877 km

Good morning from Namibia! Is there really anything else to say? 🙂

Since I have been doing some pretty long days lately, I had a short 50 km ride on my mind today. Even a bit of head wind and a rough dirt road couldn’t take away the joy of riding through the Namibian landscape that just continues to show itself from a very attractive angle…

Namibia has been very dry so far, but suddenly on top of a pass, BANG, and everything turned green! It obviously has been raining here lately.

Then I saw this guy in front of me. I beautiful springbok that is very common in this part of Africa. We stood for a second looking at each other – not sure which one of us was more surprised. Eventually the antelope jumped into the bushes and I rode on, thinking about what other kind of wildlife I will encounter on my ride through Africa. Time will tell.

Before long I arrived at Helmeringhausen which is really just a farm with a gas station, a small supermarket and a hotel/camp site. I opted for the camp site and yet another nice Bratwürst dinner at the restaurant. I have said it before, but this part of Namibia really reminds me of the Australian outback where I spent 9 months working on a cattle station back in 2012-13. Good memories!

I want to bed early as I have a long ride on the program tomorrow.

Greetings from the Namibian outback 🙂

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Paul K9PG says:


  2. Road signs (and springboks) aside, it wouldn’t be difficult to confuse it with the Australian outback!

  3. willem says:

    Hey Thomas,
    great trip you are doing.
    I grew up in Namibia and currently live close to CT. Nam is an awesome country! Generally safer than SA with friendly people.

    Just a note, the antelope you posted on is a Kudu, not a Springbok. From the size looks a like a young one.
    Enjoy the trip!

  4. Hi Willem. Thanks a lot. And yes, fantastic country Namibia – also for cycling. Oh, and it’s not even a Springbok. I checked some photos and I can see that as well now 🙂