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Day 1988, Kalomo – Pemba: The VIP Room

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 29 - 2016

Distance: 127.1 km
Ride time: 6:53:08
Average: 18.5 km/h
Max speed: 41.4 km/h
Total: 46885 km

Zambia is not really in southern Africa, but it borders Namibia. It is also not western Africa but it borders French speaking Congo. Neither it is eastern Africa, but it borders Malawi and Tanzania. Zambia is something all by itself right there in the middle 🙂

Like yesterday the riding today was very comfortable with not much traffic, a wide shoulder to ride on, and a perfect match between villages with small shops and rather flat country side. The locals seem very friendly, and perhaps a tiny bit more reserved than the people in Namibia and South Africa. Yep, there really isn’t much to be complaining about on the road in southern Zambia.

Well, perhaps the only complain would be the rainy season which is very much still in it’s prime. On the other hand the clouds and rain keep the temperature down, and a break is never boring while talking to the locals under a roof.

A typical local dish consisting of a lot of Nshima (made of maize flour) and a bit of meat.

Things got even more local at night when I cycled into Pempa just around sunset. It first I didn’t think there was any guest house in town and was on my way towards the local police station to ask if I could camp there. Then a friendly guy pointed me to a restaurant that also rented out rooms in the back. I got the VIP room with private bathroom and everything! 🙂

The good thing is that you don’t really care much about comfort when you have just cycled 120 km. A bed, four walls, and a roof is really enough – although I thought it was a bit sketchy when I woke up in the middle of the night to flashes, zip zip sounds, and a burned smell. Rain had gotten into the electrical system of the room! I disconnected a power plug, made sure nothing was on fire, and went back to sleep.

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  1. Four walls, and a roof, is all you really need. Whether that’s a tent or a hotel/motel/hostel room. 🙂