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Day 1991 – 1992: Lusaka, Zambia

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 29 - 2016

Dave from has been cycling around Africa on and off for 5 years but has always returned to Lusaka. That might have something to do with a certain Ireen that he is about to marry 🙂 The capital of Zambia is otherwise not a city with many (or any) sights, but from Dave’s stories it sure sounds like a fun place to live.

A group of local riders were keen to show their skills.

Zambia has been experiencing some troubles over the last months – something I had not completely noticed until now as I have been cycling every day. The power goes away for 8 hours a day, but at least there is a schedule so you know what to expect. Fuel delivery is also not 100% reliable, so when rumors go around that supplies are running low, huge queues would form at the gas stations. Suddenly the bike seems like the perfect way to travel – as long as I have a bit of food to eat I should be able to make it to Malawi 🙂

Two Mzungu cyclists trying to look the most retarded? 🙂

One day we went out to celebrate one of Dave and Irene’s friends 28th birthday, and the next day I joined the smiling Lindy for a ride around Lusaka. We even went into some of the compounds to have a look at yet another side of the capital.

It was tempting to stay longer, but the road was calling again. The next country down the road will be Malawi which has a very good reputation among cyclists. I was keen to get over there to have a look.

Dave, thanks for all the help and the good times in Lusaka. Such a great stay! See you somewhere down the road!

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