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Day 2025, Kasulu – Kifura: Humanitarian Superpowers

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 29 - 2016

Distance: 114.7 km
Ride time: 7:08:02
Average: 16.1 km/h
Max speed: 52.6 km/h
Total: 49603 km

It’s a beautiful ride out here in the remote hills of eastern Tanzania. Especially in the mornings when the air is crisp and the light is soft.

After a few hours of cycling I was passing the entrance to the Nyarugusu refugee camp. I noticed this sign which includes what one might call the humanitarian superpowers of the world. Some years ago Denmark would have been up there as well, but I’m afraid the mentality is changing back home…

I didn’t actually get near the refugee camp itself, so all I really noticed was the huge amount of cars from UN, Red Cross, Oxfam, and UNICEF. It was enough to get a feel of the sad situation in this part of the world. I hope things will start looking brighter soon.

It’s getting towards the end of the rainy season here a few degrees south of equator, but it’s not over just yet. As today’s big shower hit I was luckily passing through a local village and found a bit of cover. I don’t think anybody was home.

After the shower I cycled to yet another very local village and was surprised to find a guesthouse – I thought it would be a camping night. As I was having dinner in a tiny restaurant I was even more surprised when a man came over and spoke in perfect English. It turned out that Emmanuel was living in Sydney but was back to visit his home region. Interesting connection to Australia out here in the middle of nowhere in Tanzania.

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  1. It’s a shame Danish mentality has changed, in regards to humanitarian relief.