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Day 2070, Lodwar – Kalokol: Back in the Right Element

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Oct - 19 - 2016

Distance: 57.7 km
Ride time: 3:47:49
Average: 15.2 km/h
Max speed: 32.4 km/h
Total: 51147 km

Yesterday I had checked out of my fancy hotel in Nairobi and taken the small flight back to Lodwar. Today I was back in my right element – cycling into a remote area on a rough dirt road in the middle of Africa. What a change!

I was happy enough that I had followed my doctors advise and got everything checked in Nairobi. Mostly because I’m entering a very desolated part of Kenya with only very limited health care options. It’s a nice comfort to know that my body, mind, and bike is in good working condition 🙂

As the midday heat reached 40 degrees I entered Kalokol – the last village I will encounter during the next days. There seemed to be a religious gathering taking place at the main (and only) street in town.

The contrast between the guest house in Kalokol and the hotel in Nairobi couldn’t have been bigger. For a couple of dollars I found a room in a house without electricity or water, but complete with kids, goats, and chickens running around outside my door.

Looking forward to see what kind of adventure tomorrow will bring. The next couple of days I will be following a sandy path along the northern shore of Lake Turkana towards a very remote border post with Ethiopia!

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  1. Now, this is more like it! 🙂