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Day 2196: 6 Years and Two Days Later…

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Oct - 05 - 2016

I remember standing on the ferry to Germany an October day in 2010, watching Denmark disappear in the clouds. If only I could have imagined it would be six years, two days, and 58.000 kilometers before I would be cycling on home soil again… Sometimes real life is bigger than dreams 🙂


And, for those who have asked. I will arrive on Rådhuspladsen, the central square in Copenhagen on Saturday the 8th of October at 4 pm. Stop by and say hi 🙂

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Marcos C. says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Fantastic!!! And, congratulations on your global odyssey.

    I had been following your blog more than 2 years ago and it had provided me a lot of insights not only about bicycle touring but also about life in general.

    Now, it’s time for you to face the challenges of living the ‘usual routine’ of daily life.

    I hope that you will have a book about your epic bike journey around the world and I would be among the very first ones that will surely buy and read it. I can’t wait.

    Again, thanks for all those beautiful pictures and insights as you traveled on your bike.

  2. Lucy says:

    Congratulations Thomas 🙂 It has been a true pleasure to follow your blog. Echoing Marcus C., if you write a book about your trip then I will definitely buy it 🙂

    8th October in Copenhagen – if only I could be there – unfortunately I reside over the sea in the UK! Btw, you should definitely come on a cycling trip to the UK sometime. We have some beautiful countryside, coastline and historic cities 😉

    Will you be arriving in Copenhagen on the 2200th day of the trip? Rounds it off neatly 🙂

  3. Hi Marcos,

    Thanks a lot for the nice words. Very glad to know you have been enjoying the updates. I still need to update the blog with the rest of Africa and Europe, and then the book will hopefully follow later. Best wishes from Copenhagen!


  4. Hi Lucy,

    Thanks a lot for the nice words. Very glad to know you have been enjoying the updates. I would certainly love to come to the UK for a cycling trip in the future – although my next trip will be shorter than 6 years 🙂 Best wishes from Copenhagen!