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Day 2143, Malaga – Almuñecar: Discovering Costa Tropical

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 30 - 2016

Distance: 81.9 km
Ride time: 5:26:57
Average: 15.0 km/h
Max speed: 62.3! km/h
Total: 54302 km

After the great stay with Juan in Malaga we both felt well rested and ready for adventure as we left this beautiful Mediterranean city. I have travelled by bus from Malaga to Granada countless times. However, the bus route goes inland directly from Malaga and therefore I didn’t know what to expect from this part of the Mediterranean that goes under the name Costa Tropical. The name in itself sounds pretty good, and boy we weren’t disappointed.

Luckily there was no cycling on the busy A7 highway today. We were able to follow smaller and much nicer roads. Sometimes there was even a bike path right at the beach itself. Good stuff!

The coastline turned more rough and wild as we cycled east – this was not the smooth Costa del Sol with the thousands hotels anymore. There was a fair bit of climbing involved, but with vistas like this I just loved it.

The white Andalusian town of Nerja turned out to be a real gem. Yes, full of tourists, but they are here for a reason. The square with the palm trees overlooking the turquoise blue waters was a perfect place to sit down at a bench for lunch we bought in a supermarket.

Another good thing about being out of Costa del Sol is the fact that prices are rapidly going down. Our campsite was only a third of what we paid a couple of days ago in Marbella. It was also more basic, but very charming with views over the wine yards and into the mountains beyond.

Those mountains – thats where we will be going tomorrow!

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  1. With the sound of those panpipes, in the background, are you sure you uploaded the right video? 🙂 Sounded more like you were riding into some South American village, rather than a European one. 🙂