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Day 34: Bucharest

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 09 - 2010

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After yesterday’s off day I was back in tourist mode, heading out to explore a bit of the city. Bucharest is difficult to describe. A mix of old churches, communist style buildings, and broad boulevards that makes you think of Paris.

The Parliament Palace is certainly build to impress but I somehow feel that these kind of places don’t have a big impact on me. I’m much more interested in normal people’s homes.

In the evening I once again met with fellow radio friend Andy at the very nice station he is building 30 km north of the city.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Mihai says:

    I have a similar opinion with you about the Parliament Palace, but I think that you liked Bucureşti.. it’s a nice city. Good luck !

  2. What an adventure, so far! And the Parliament Palace is breathtaking! I remember seeing it featured on Top Gear once!