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Day 35: Bucharest

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Nov - 10 - 2010

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After another 10 hours of sleep I took the metro out to the suburbs of Bucharest to meet Jørleif, whose apartment I’m staying in, his wife Liana, and their 5 weeks old daughter Hannelis.

We had a very nice dinner of Faroese fish. As Jørleif said, I’d better enjoy because it might be a while before I taste Faroese fish again. Truly delicious.

After dinner we went for a walk in a park. You can see by the clothes who is from Faroe Islands and who is from Romania.

In the evening I went out with Andy and managed to drink up my last Romanian money. Well, I only had 15 lei left in my pocket which was just enough for one caipirinha to remember our last meeting in Brazil in 2006.

Tomorrow I will be heading for Bulgaria!

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