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Day 154: Bhadrak – Baleswar

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 11 - 2011

Distance: 69.16 km
Ridetime: 02:52:04
Average: 24.1 km/h
Total distance: 6904km

As my favourite South Indian breakfast dish, the idli, is now disappearing from the menus as I get further north, I have been looking for a replacement. As I don’t feel like eating rice for breakfast I haven’t found an alternative yet. This morning I went to an expensive looking hotel to check out the menu. To my great surprise they had muesli, cornflakes, toast and juice on offer. I can’t explain how happy that made me feel.

In Baleswar the cheap hotels were full so I had to go the expensive one. Oh well, after a bit of negotiation 500 rupees or 8 euros isn’t exactly a rip-off for a nice room.

On long cycling days I usually feel very tired in the evenings. Apart from finding some food and perhaps a bit of reading there is no energy for anything else. On the other hand, a short day like today with less than 3 hours in the saddle makes a difference. After a couple of hours in an Internet cafe updating the blog I still didn’t feel tired.

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