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Day 172: Ayutthaya – Bangkok

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 30 - 2011

Distance: 68.87 km
Ridetime: 03:12:46
Average: 21.4 km/h
Total distance: 7991 km

Never before have I been so happy to wake up to clouds and rain after the relentless heat the last days.

I took it easy from the morning and had breakfast with the friendly guys at the hostel. At 11 o’clock the rain stopped and I started to cycle towards Bangkok.

I was not the only one waiting for the rain to stop.

Once closer to Bangkok the traffic got heavier and some streets were even flooded. While I prefer to cycle in the country side, cycling in a big city like Bangkok is not as bad as one could imagine. I even spotted a few cycle lanes, but almost no cycles.

The first hotels I checked seemed very expensive. I had originally planned to avoid the famous Khao San tourist area, but as it turned out that is where the cheap accommodation is, so that was also where I ended up.

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