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Day 173: Bangkok

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Apr - 01 - 2011

My hotel room in Bangkok is tiny. So tiny that it is difficult to take a proper picture of it. I’m quite sure prison cells in most countries are bigger. Anyway, with free WiFi and a small restaurant area to meet fellow travellers I’m happy to stay here.

I spent the morning getting to know my new neighborhood Khao San, also known as the Bangkok tourist ghetto. Yes, the main street is dotted with McDonald’s and Burger King, but as soon as you get just a few blocks away, you are back in the real Thailand. I was happy to find some good street stalls with delicious food as usual.

Later I visited Finn OZ1HET, a danish radio operator who has been living in Bangkok for 10 years. After a beer on the terrace and a visit to his station, Finn and his wife invited me for dinner at a restaurant near their house. Thanks for the treat!

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  1. Randy K5ZD says:

    Always fun to see some photos of the ham radio guys you are meeting!