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Day 210: Kuala Lumpur

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 09 - 2011

In the morning I said goodbye to Marius after a great week of cycling together. Marius is heading over to the East Coast while I will be staying a day longer in KL and then go south towards Singapore.

One of the things I love about cycling is that you never know what will happen tomorrow… or even today. While I was updating my blog I got a message from Alessio, an Italian friend who would happen to be in KL for work. Alessio asked if I wanted to come over to his hotel and say hi.

The view from the business lounge at the 33rd floor of the Hilton is quite nice 🙂

As a part of his package Alessio had free drinks and snacks at the business lounge. As if that was not enough he asked if I wanted to join him for dinner at a restaurant downstairs.

One day sleeping in the tent on the country side, a couple of days later steak dinner at the Hilton in Kuala Lumpur. Life on the road is truly diverse. Thanks a lot of the amazing treat Alessio!

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