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Day 211: Kuala Lumpur

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on May - 10 - 2011

A rather quiet day in Kuala Lumpur mostly spent hanging out with other travellers at my hostel. In the evening I had set up a meeting with Sham who I first met a week ago in Taiping. We went to a hill outside the city to enjoy the view.

Later we had a very delicious Chinese dinner. Soon we were joined by more people from the radio community in KL. A few phone calls were made and it now looks like I have a free place to stay in Port Dickson, my destination for tomorrow. The hospitality here is simply amazing.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. 9W2OCC Sham says:

    Chinese Muslim Restaurant exactly,,,
    and still remember the taste of Durian Belanda,,,
    hope you like it,,,

  2. 9W2BHL Farid says:

    Nice to meet a friend from Denmark Thomas Andersen, together with other HAM friends at a Restoran in Wangsa Maju Kuala Lumpur…73

  3. Hi Thomas!, How are you.. Hope you´re doing well.. Take care and may God bless you always.. 73

  4. Hi Sham,
    Yes all is great here. I’m now in Australia but of course I miss the good time I had in Malaysia, hihi.