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Day 241: Jakarta

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jun - 24 - 2011

After five days in Jakarta I was ready to move on, but before I could do so I needed to find a new tire and some new tubes for the bike. In Copenhagen you will find a bike shop at every street corner. Finding one in Jakarta is more complicated.

The friendly receptionist at my hotel gave me directions to a market street with bike shops, but when I got there they didn’t have any parts for road bikes. Instead I was pointed to the opposite part of Jakarta where some big shopping malls apparently also had bicycle shops. After two days of moving all around Jakarta with public transport I was now getting good at finding the right combination of trams, buses, rickshaws and motor cycle drivers to get from point A to B.

After visiting three bike shops I had a new tire, but still no tubes. There seems to be a shortage of road bike tubes in Jakarta these days. At the final shop they also said they were out of tubes, but after looking around a found a couple in a corner that they were willing to sell.

Tomorrow I’m ready to cycle.

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  1. Morten says:


  2. ditz says:

    Yeah I know it’s a long while ago, but if that ever happens again, it would be a good idea to contact the local cycling club. There are quite a few of them in Indonesia’s larger cities as far as I know.

    Especially now that even the Jakarta governor makes the effort to bike to work once a week with the Norwegian and Danish ambassador, road cycling will become more mainstream.

  3. Hi Ditz! Yes, its a while ago but I still remember my nice time in Jakarta! Even managed to find all the things I needed… I see that cycling is getting more popular there. Greetings from South America!