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Day 270: Darwin

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Aug - 07 - 2011

Once again I spent the morning in my “office” in the garden of my hosts Ruth and Glen. Internet is expensive in Australia, so I might as well take advantage of the free WiFi as long as I have the chance.

Going shopping in one of the big super market is an interesting experience. First of all because I have not been in a supermarket for 8 months. My shopping preferences might have changed a little since then. As I’m still adjusting to the price levels the overall goal is to get as many calories per dollar as possible. In this context all light and health products are obviously of no interest at all.

In the evening I went to town to celebrate Territory Day marking the commencement of Self Government in the state. The day is marked by fireworks – the only day of the year that fireworks are allowed in Australia.

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  1. Morten says:

    No healthy food, haha!