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Day 271: Darwin

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Aug - 14 - 2011

After five nights with my fantastic hosts Ruth and Glen it was time to say thanks for the truly amazing welcome to Australia and and move on – only to discover more Australian hospitality. Stuie, a local radio amateur had invited me to spend the weekend at his place.

In the radio shack of Stuie VK8NSB

After being introduced to Stuie’s nice family including kids Jamie and Ashley we started to prepare dinner. In true Aussie style a number of friends would be coming over for BBQ and beers.

I would not be the only international. Among the other guests were Rob and Adam, a father and son originally from Texas but living on the Marshal Islands in the Pacific. A few funny moments occurred when the Australians and Texans had troubles to understand each other. I’m obviously not the only one who is getting used to the Australian accent.

Yet another guest was a professional musician and had bought his guitar. It was a fun night indeed.

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