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Day 272: Darwin

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Aug - 16 - 2011

After a week in Australia I have not yet had to pay for accommodation. With the prices I have seen, even for hostel beds and camp ground sites, that is a very good thing. The hospitality is just unbelievable. I woke up to the sound of Stuie and the kids having breakfast and I was not slow to join.

After breakfast we went into town. While my new host family went shopping I decided to check out the Sunday market. With Darwin being so close to Indonesia (Denpasar on Bali is the nearest big city) the market has a strong Asian influence. The only difference is the prices. Fried noodles and chicken that would cost around a dollar in Indonesia sold for 8$ here.

Back home in Stuie’s house we spent the afternoon watching football on TV. It’s interesting how perfectly common Sunday activities suddenly seem very exotic when you are new in a country.

I’m expecting this to be my last night in a proper bed for quite a while. Tomorrow I will hit the outback.

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