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25 Special Places and Moments

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jul - 04 - 2012

A selection of 25 places and moments I captured with my camera while cycling from Denmark to Australia.

#1 Wroclaw Bridge


It’s a tradition that young couples put a lock on this bridge in Wroclaw, Poland when they get married. I spent a couple of days in this beautiful city with good friends who were also perfect guides. Poland is an interesting country. So close to Denmark, yet culturally so different. You don’t have to travel around the globe to experience a different culture.


#2 October Wild Camping


Leaving Denmark in October, the first couple of months was a race south towards warmer weather. In Poland the nights got freezing cold. With a good quality tent and sleeping back I was fine during the night, but it was a bit cold to wake up in the morning and cycle those first kilometers.


#3 Anna


Until Ukraine I felt that my motivation to take photos had been somewhat missing. I was probably too tired, the weather was too cold, or my mind was somewhere else. But, this day, walking around a beautiful city in nice company, I think it is safe to say that the inspiration came back.


#4 The Merry Cemetery


The Merry Cemetery in Săpânţa, Romania is famous for its colourful tombstones with paintings describing the persons that are buried there as well as scenes from their lives. A lovely place that Ienjoyed to visit.


#5 The Bosphorus


In Istanbul you take a short ferry ride across the Bosphorus strait and suddenly you are in Asia! I went there an early morning and got this shot of a bird flying behind the ferry.


#6 Snow in Damascus


When I reached Turkey I thought I had managed to escape the winter. Not quite. In Damascus, Syria I was taken by surprise by 5 days of snow. Not at all a bad place to be stuck though.


#7 The Temple of Hercules


On a hill overlooking Amman, Jordan you will find the Roman Temple of Hercules. I spent a nice afternoon there enjoying the views, a cup of tea, and the sunset.


#8 Shade of the Palm


On my first day in Egypt, just after I got off the ferry in Nuweiba, I had finally escaped the European winter. There were very few tourists in this part of Egypt, and this was even before the uprising began.


#9 Escaping the Crowds at Giza


I expected the pyramids in Giza to be swarmed with tourists. In some parts they were, but I found my own path leading behind one of the pyramids and spent three hours there all by myself reading a book. Possible the most special place I have ever read a book.


#10 Recharging


In the evenings I normally feel like I need a recharge – and the batteries in my computer, laptop and camera usually need to be recharged as well.


#11 The Paryaya Festival in Udupi


I was lucky to arrive in Udupi, India just in time for the annual Paryaya festival. A spectacular show.


#12 The Center of Attention


In rural India a western guy on a bicycle will draw a lot of attention. This is usually what happens if I stop for 5 minutes in a village to buy a bottle of water.


#13 Can I take a picture, Sir?


In India I got asked several times a day if people could take a picture with me. I was usually happy to agree, and sometimes asked my new friends to take a picture with my camera as well. You never feel alone in India.


#14 Hampi


Hampi and the ruins of Vijayanagara is a fascinating area that you could spend weeks exploring. The area is so big that cycling between the ruins is the best way to move around.


#15 938 km to go


The first sign I saw for Calcutta. Still 938 km to go. Bicycles are a normal form of transport around here. You don’t see any road bikes or mountain bikes though.


#16 Orissa Street Scene


In a small town like Bhadrak, 400 km south of of Calcutta, there might not be any tourist attractions to see. On the other hand there is plenty of street life. What the picture doesn’t capture is the sounds and the smells that are also a very integrated part of traveling in India.


#17 Thai Beauty


While talking about natural beauty, the beaches around Krabi in southern Thailand are hard to beat. A perfect place to rest the legs for a week or two.


#18 The World’s Biggest Water Fight


The Songkran festival is the celebration of the Thai New Year and is also known as the biggest water fight in the world. If you venture out in the street during those 3 days, you will get wet. With the temperature around 35 degrees I didn’t mind the extra cooling as I cycled towards Malaysia.


#19 Chinatown


I didn’t have a chance visit China yet, but in SE Asia you will usually find large Chinese neighborhoods. Here in a Chinese temple in Penang, Malaysia.


#20 The VIP has Arrived


The welcome I received by my wonderful friends in Malaysia was beyond anything I could ever imagine. For several days I was cycling with escort, giving interviews, and feeling as much as a VIP as I ever have. Yes, those cameras are all directed at me.


#21 Evening in the Mountains


One afternoon my friends in Bandung, Indonesia took me on a trip to the mountains. I was happy I didn’t go there by bike as the slopes were so steep I don’t think I would have made it. It was a night filled with nice talks, laughter, and good views.


#22 Bromo Erupting


I spent my 28th birthday on top of the erupting Bromo volcano on Java, Indonesia. I didn’t know what an erupting volcano would be like. That night I had to clean my bags and wash my clothes as there was ash everywhere.


#23 Aboriginal Kid


In Northern Territory in Australia you will meet many aboriginals. While the adults can be somewhat shy and not like cameras, the kids are the opposite.


#24 Uluru


The iconic Uluru might just be a big rock, but what a rock. I happened to go there on a rainy November day. I guess not many people get to see Uluru in it’s rain colors.


#25 The Road Goes On


Yes, in Outback Australia the road goes on…

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