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Day 813: Kingston – The Bluff

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Jan - 07 - 2013

Distance: 150.05 km
Ridetime: 7:29:18
Average: 20.0 km/h
Max speed: 29.8 km/h
Total distance: 16361 km

It must have been the bacon and eggs that Tony and his wife served for breakfast, but the legs felt absolutely great today. I was even hoping for a mountain to climb. It didn’t come. Instead it was flatcycling with head winds all day. I didn’t care because coastal landscapes were absolutely beautiful.

I had planned to do some 130 km of riding, but when I came to Millicent the legs still felt fresh so I decided to go for another 20 km before finding a camp site in a pine forest – the first forest I have seen in Australia.

Cycling along the Southern Ocean on a day with good legs – I would like to order more days like this please!

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