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Day 869: Wellington

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 15 - 2013

When I arrived at Tony’s house yesterday I noticed a special award on the wall. It turned out Tony was a part of the New Zealand cycling team in the 1988 Seoul Olympics! Today I had the chance to ask Tony about his amazing experiences as a track racer in the 1980s.

I love the cycling days, but I also very much enjoy days off like today. Especially when in great company and in a beautiful city like Wellington. Together with Tony we went around to have a look at the capital of New Zealand, including the view point up at Mount Victoria.

Back home I was treated to more great food as I was planning my route through the rest of New Zealand. After the great ride on the South Island I’m looking forward to see what the North has to offer. If people will be as friendly as Tony and the landscapes as nice as around Wellington I will be in for another treat.

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