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Day 870: Wellington – Masterton

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Mar - 26 - 2013

Distance: 86.92 km
Ride time: 3:51:35
Average: 18.9 km/h
Total: 19795 km

Apart from being a former Olympic cyclist, my host Tony is also a talented photographer. Today was Tony’s day off, and he offered to join me for the first part of the day cycling out of Wellington. Tony brought his camera and fired away.

The climbing was quite tough – especially considering that my bike was rather heavy after all the food I had been given by Tony.

I was somewhat sad to be leaving Wellington – the friendly capital city that I would have liked to spend more time in. With only 10 more days in New Zealand and still a fair bit of distance to cover before reaching Auckland, it was time to get going. Sometimes the show must go on.

On the summit of the Rimutakas Tony left me to do a bit of hiking in the hills before returning to Wellington. How lucky to be living in a place with nature like this in the back yard! I continued downhill on the other side of the Rimutakas towards more flat terrain.

I would be passing some towns that, according to Tony, were not very interesting. But this is the thing – the towns that the local people don’t find interesting are often interesting to me. There might not be any tourist attractions, but this is where normal people live. I enjoying my lunch while observing life on the main street of Featherston.

For the night I decided to pay for a camp site in order to recharge my computer and using the wifi to update update the blog.

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