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Day 1225, Rio Baker – Puerto Tranquilo: The Cemetery

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 02 - 2014

Distance: 38.71 km
Ride time: 2:49:26
Average: 13.73 km/h
Total: 22415 km

As I would need to be within phone coverage for a couple of days I only needed to cycle the 38 km into Puerto Tranquilo this morning. The perfect weather from yesterday continued as I made my way up a steep climb and down to the lake on the other side.

In Tranquilo I ran into José, a guy I had already met a couple of times before. Since there are limited bus connections on Carretera Austral you usually run into the same people – even though some of us travel by bike and others by bus.

José is a free spirited person, originally from Spain but spending most of his time in India while not travelling to other corners of the world making a bit of money as a photographer. We went to check out the local cemetery which turned out to be a real gem. People seemed to be building small houses with the graves inside. It is usually very windy here, so we could understand why people would prefer to be inside, even in death.

Camp sites here can be very noisy at night with parties going on until 4 am or later. The family run place I had found this time was luckily more relaxed. Furthermore it had wifi giving me a chance to update the blog. Something that has been difficult to do lately.

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