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Day 1230: Puerto Tranquilo – Reserva Cerro Castillo

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 05 - 2014

Distance: 80.51 km
Ride time: 6:09:52
Average: 13.09 km/h
Total: 22495 km

Unfortunately the great weather from the last couple of days didn’t hold up. Just as I had packed my tent and was ready to go, it started to rain. This is not unusual in Patagonia, but the temperature had dropped rather dramatically as well, making up for some very cold cycling. After a quick break to get something to eat my hands and feet were very cold. On Carretera Austral you are never far away from a climb, so luckily my hands were soon warm again.

I’m sure the views today were just as beautiful as the other days around here, but with the rain and low clouds I couldn’t see much. Instead I put the music on my phone at full volume, put my head down, and concentrated on the cycling instead.

As the sun was setting it was getting cold, and I had to put up my tent fast and get into my sleeping bag as soon as possible. I then made a big cup of tea before going to bed. During the night the temperature dropped to 0 and I was freezing – once again. I have now cycled 1800 km since Ushuaia. I had thought the cold weather would last maybe 300-400 km, but I clearly haven’t made it into summer yet. I hope it happens soon.

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