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Day 1240 – 1241: Esquel Rest Days

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Feb - 20 - 2014

Both Michael and I had a few tasks to do while in Esquel.

First I had to change my money from dollars to pesos. This is a project in itself in Argentina. You could go to the bank, but they will use the official exchange rate, these days around 8. There is also a parallel market where dollars are exchanged at up to 12 pesos. You then ask around at the hostel and talk to the locals, trying to find out where the money can be changed. After some looking around I had my pesos on hand.

Otherwise the days were spent updating the blog and making good food in the hostel kitchen. It was the first time I had been sleeping inside since Calafate, some 3 weeks ago. Even though I love my tent, sleeping in a bad is nice once in a while – especially since it is still rather cold outside.

Soon we would be ready for more cycling.

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