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Day 1491, Nazca – Ica: A Meeting in the Desert

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Oct - 21 - 2014

Distance: 152.18 km
Ride time: 8:06:46
Average: 18.75 km/h
Max speed: 47.15 km/h
Total: 29615 km

The rest day in Nazca had done it’s wonders and I felt full of energy as I left town early in the morning. I had decided not to go on the tourist flight for the view of the Nazca lines, but after only 20 km of cycling I passed a small lookout tower. The entrance ticket was less than a dollar, and after waiting in line with a group of school kids from New Zealand I was actually looking at the famous lines myself.

The small part of the figures you could see from the tower were interesting enough, but the most interesting question to me is how the lines have stayed there for so many years. There is a lot of wind and a lot of drifting sand in this part of Peru. Normal foot steps in the sand would disappear in less than an hour.

The road continued through small villages and fertile valleys. Some of Peru’s wine yards are in this part of the country.

After some more climbing I was once more in the desert. The landscape changes very fast around here. It was out there in the windy desert that I saw another cyclist coming towards me. It turned out to be Minoru from Japan – – 61 years of age (but looking 40) and also cycling around the world. After a nice chat we continued in each our direction, but before that Minoru took this photo of me. Happy riding Minoru!

I wanted to see if I could make it the 150 km from Nazca to Ica in one day. I made it just as darkness was setting in, despite a rather strong head wind and some climbing. The shape must be coming back.

After finding a cheap hotel I went to the square to have a quick look. There was a procession going on. I only stayed a few minutes as the 150 km day had been taking it’s toll. I was almost asleep before I was back in my room.

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  1. I hope I look as good as Minoru does, when I reach 60!