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Day 1529, Machala – Naranjal: Jungle Rain

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 17 - 2014

Distance: 94.24 km
Ride time: 4.28.06
Average: 21.09 km/h
Max speed: 33.09 km/h
Total: 31677 km

The countries in this part of South America (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) are all divided into three parts: The coast, the mountains, and the jungle. Lately I have spent a lot of time at the coast, and I also know the mountains well. If there is something I’m still missing, its the jungle.

On today’s ride I did very much feel I was in a jungle, even though I’m actually in the coastal region. It was raining, and the banana plants were surrounding me on both sides of the road. What a huge difference compared to the coastal deserts of Peru.

My bike is not really set up for rainy weather. Luckily I find it absolutely amazing how little rain I have had on the whole trip. Today the shower lasted 45 minutes, and even though it was not heavy rain, everything got dirty.

When you are cycling in a new country it is always very interesting to learn what the people eat, and how much it costs. I was happy to discover that Ecuador has the same lunch set meals as they have in Peru and Bolivia. For 2.5$ I got a soup, a main dish with some kind of fish, and two glasses of fruit juice. It was all very delicious.

In Naranjal, a random small town that would be my destination for today, I found a car washing guy who was happy to give my Bianchi a quick wash as well. Half an hour later I had my own shower in my cheap (and very noisy) hotel room.

Tomorrow I should reach Guayaquil, Ecuador’s biggest city.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Travel Nerd says:

    Any idea yet on what to do with the Darién Gap?

  2. Hi Travel Nerd. My plan is to cycle up to Cartagena and take the new ferry to Panama – thereby avoiding the Darién Gap.