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Day 1797, Tatamagouche: A Real Rest Day

Posted by Thomas Andersen Posted on Dec - 12 - 2015

Today was a rest day in the real sense of the word: Anna had gone to work, her parents had gone sailing for the weekend, so there was only me and the cat left in the house 🙂

Anna’s mom (a writer and blogger) had been telling stories about how she would climb the roof with a hair dryer in the middle of the winter to “defrost” the wifi antenna. That’s Canada for you 🙂 The snow is still several months away, so the internet worked fine for me.

I managed to get a couple of blog posts online, and otherwise enjoyed my day of doing absolutely nothing. Lately even the rest days have been very busy with all the people I have met; I enjoyed to be home alone for a chance.

Tomorrow the will be more adventures on the roads of Nova Scotia – I will be riding to Halifax with Anna!

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  1. Always good to have decent downtime, that’s actually real downtime!